The Author's Voice with Sha Nacino

I Can (Cover by Sha Nacino)

April 03, 2020 Sha Nacino
The Author's Voice with Sha Nacino
I Can (Cover by Sha Nacino)
Show Notes

It’s my first time to sing in public and I’d like to share this song with you.
May this song inspire you to reach for your dreams.
I sang this at the Global Authors Summit held in Manila, Philippines in November 2019.

Background: I’ve always wanted to sing but everyone around teased me not to sing. They all agreed that I was tone deaf and I couldn’t carry a tune. I saw that as their way of loving me and I started to believe them.

But one person heard me sing and said, “Sha, you have a beautiful voice. You were born to sing.”

That person happened to be a voice coach. I listened to him and gave myself a chance. And voila, this is the result.

Believe you can and you will.
It’s the same when it comes to writing a book. If you believe you can write a book, then you can.

This song was popularized in the 90's by Donna Cruz, a famous Filipino singer.


You can watch the
YouTube video here
Special thanks to my organists Martin Anthony C. Africa and 11-year old Yanthy Dumadag, backup singer Eunice Petipit, editor Roland Galvez, videographer Jacob Cruz & team, and my voice coach Jerome Vinarao.
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