The Author's Voice with Sha Nacino

TAV 005 : Love Connect with Dreus and Love Cosio

April 02, 2020 Sha Nacino with Dreus and Love Cosio
The Author's Voice with Sha Nacino
TAV 005 : Love Connect with Dreus and Love Cosio
Show Notes

This episode is best for married couples or singles who want to be married. In this episode, married couple Dreus and Love Cosio discuss how important communication is in marriage.

About Dreus and Love Cosio

Married couple from Philippines, authors of Love Connect helping families heal relationships through good communication. They are also known as The Co-Show with their online community of 18k followers in the Philippines and abroad. They are the founders of Pathfinders and Doers that houses Sketchpad Workshops and produces public and corporate workshops. They are also the founders of Suited MNL, an online positive shirt brand. They are the proud parents of Aniana or Anya, who is also my god daughter.

Topics Covered:

1.Why did you write Love Connect?

2. How can communication build or break relationships?

3. Why do couples fall out of love even inside the marriage?

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